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About Us

  • Who are we?

Hello My name is David and i have started a community  called the  Davies  , we are a growing community that believes that the world is just as small as it can be and that we can contribute with each other to make it Good . A lot of people have a saying that these days . but Our saying is that these Days the world is a greater place to live in , that we are so conscious about what the community want and here to Re-in-force to provide an understanding about what it wants . 

  • What do we do ?

Basically we try to help our communities with spirits of Happiness and provide basic needs to the needy as well as talk to Society leaders why they should care about Making their society right. We do not have exactly one way of doing what we do . we just do what Our community asks Us to do 

  • Why should You care?  

You should care if you want Happiness . and Believe me happiness is a proven emotion that all people share . they all want happiness of their minds and Souls .Some of Us just get the concept wrong and get happy by letting down Others so their happiness costs very  bad and expensive prices .

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